Affiliate Disclaimer

I,, always prioritize transparency so that we build a relationship of trust with our clients. This is why I would like to mention that we have some affiliates who advertise their products via my website. If you make any purchase using the product or company link provided on this website, earns a commission for that purchase. But note that you won’t be charged any extra cost for that. 

I have built this website not only to inform digital marketing enthusiasts and practitioners about different tactics but also to earn revenues from it. This is why I have added affiliates to my website. 

Though it is not possible to note down all the websites and companies that my website is affiliated with. But you can easily recognize an affiliate link. Any link on my website that takes you to a product is an affiliate link. 

Please note that I have personally tested and checked all the products that I am affiliated with. I don’t add any affiliate link of my choice but first, examine its quality and then recommend it. I always try to deliver some useful products to my clients. Products like SEMRUSH and AWeber are proven for their good performance which is why I add their links. 

The affiliated websites are completely safe if you click on them. But note that it may use cookies to extract some basic information about you that they may use for follow-up. But that is not threatening. 

Please consider that I don’t get any benefit or gift from the affiliated companies for adding their links to my website. I only get a commission if anyone buys a product via the provided link on my website. 

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