Appsumo Plus Yearly Plan Reviews.

Appsumo Plus Yearly Plan Reviews.

Appsumo is a worldwide popular website that sells digital products and services to potential buyers. Appsumo is the best platform to buy digital products at the most discounted prices. Appsumo plus is released with more convenience and vast discounts to grow and succeed in your digital business. Appsumo plus offers amazing products and services at an incredibly lower price.

Appsumo plus yearly plan price is only $99, which you must pay monthly. And it would be required to renew the subscription the next year.

Good to know that Appsumo has been launched for sumo-lings. It is a brand-new rewards program for those who need the best deal at the lowest price. In this guide, we will review about Appsumo Plus Yearly Plan offer and price. So, let’s start.

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What is Appsumo plus?

It is a paid subscription system for digital content creators, marketing agencies and entrepreneurs. Also, remember that Appsumo plus is a paid membership system that annually requires annual renewals. You can use debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and discover for Appsumo plus subscription payment. However, Appsumo authority doesn’t all PayPal to sell their digital products Appsumo plus.

What are the benefits of Appsumo plus yearly plan service?

  • Appsumo provides amazing features with the yearly plan. All features are alluring and beneficial for security, marketing and web design agency.
  • You will get 10% discounts on every purchase from Appsumo. You will get a 10% discount if you buy any digital service, big or small, from Appsumo.
  • Exclusive invitations to join international masterclass of some biggest entrepreneurships program
  • It offers to get Complimentary access to enjoy SendFox, EmailBadge KingSumo Giveaways Pro, Shorty SMS and SleekBio from the original bundle.
  • You can cancel your yearly plan anytime without paying the next year’s charge automatically.

What services are available in Appsumo plus the yearly plan?

Before purchasing a digital service and products from Appsumo plus, you need to know what is best. We have analyzed numerous sumo-lings online business owners and figured out that Appsumo plus is best for security agencies, marketing agencies and web design agencies. Let’s know what products are included in their yearly plan.

It & security sector:

  • Configflow (no code AI model for productivity-boosting at $79)
  • Spylead email finder (email finding from LinkedIn, Google map and SERP at $59)
  • StationDB (To make a user-friendly admin panel at $69)
  • Domain monitor (for website and domain monitoring at $49.95)
  • GhostVolt business (to protect critical data of your website at $99.95)

Marketing agency:

  • Leadrocks (it is a reliable tool for B2B contact database at $69)
  • Supple (to track website ranking at $69)
  • Google maps scrapper (It helps in local business at $89)

Web design sector:

  • Pub code (easy-to-make digital products for the online platform at $69)
  • Tabextend (to organize and save browser tab at $59)
  • ACPT (for powering up a website at $29)

The features of Appsumo plus yearly plan.

Get 10% discount offer:

Appsumo is always popular for the biggest discount on digital products and services. But Appsumo launched a plus service with maximum discounts and offers. So, you will get a 10% discount on any single purchase.

Invitation to promotional events:

Appsumo plus give chances for the member to attend promotional events. And events will give you a chance to build up a relationship with potential customers. Besides, promotional events allow the consumers to contact directly with the company. As a result, the possibility of individual brand promotion will increase.

Extended Access to Select tools:

At the end of the Appsumo Plus Annual Plan, you get extended access time to renew your license. For this, you will get 72 hours after the expiry of your digital product. Besides, you will get an amazing offer named “Appsumo last call,” where the authority brings some top deals as repeat selling. And this offer is only valid for Appsumo Plus members at 96 hours events.

KingSumo access:

Every Appsumo Plus member gets access to the Kingsumo Pro Apps access. King sumo is such a digital tool that most marketer needs. King sumo provides the best options to increase your email list quickly, efficiently and affordably. When you have kingsumo access, you won’t expense on Facebook advertisements, cold email lists and low ROI marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that Appsumo is selling the kingsumo in their regular plan. But it is only free for the Appsumo plus yearly planner. Also note that kingsumo has 150,000+ users, which can help to gain more leads for entrepreneurs with special viral giveaways.

SendFox License Tier 1 access:

SendFox is a specialized email marketing tool launched for digital content creators. Luckily, you are also getting SendFox license tier1 access without any cost. Only Appsumo plus yearly planner active members will get this offer.

The SendFox tools allow you to do customized emails, build schedules and make emails without breaking the bank. Also, note that about 20,000 + Appsumo customers use SendFox annually to send millions of emails and observe the results. Content creator Ryan Holiday and podcaster Noah Kagan are two best examples of using SendFox and getting the best result from email marketing. Like KingSumo apps, Send Fox is a paid tool for the Appsumo website. Only the lucky member of the Appsumo plus yearly plan get this amazing tool free of cost.

How can you manage your AppSumo Plus subscription?

Managing Appsumo plus refers to the ways of subscription, knowing the payment methods, updating the license and cancellation of the subscription.

Update payment methods for Appsumo plus:

Go to your Appsumo plus account and find the “Plus membership” option. You can see the details of the Appsumo Plus subscription by going to that option. You will see their membership status, Appsumo pricing, renewal card and renewal date. Also, you can update the payment method if wants to renew the subscription.

  • Go to ‘Plus membership.”
  • Click on the yellow-colored “Payment update” button
  • Enter your credit or debit card and
  • Save your details to renew the account

Appsumo plus subscription cancellation:

  • Go to the “Plus membership” tile from Appsumo plus account
  • There you will get a subscription cancellation button
  • Click on the “cancellation button to cancel the yearly plan subscription

What is the AppSumo Plus Refund Policy?

You can get a refund if the Appsumo Plus subscription is not active. But once the account is active and you start enjoying Appsumo Plus rewards, no refunds can be made. You can cancel your membership at the end of the year from your purchase date. In this case, your charge will not be deducted for the next year.

What are the Accepted payment methods for Appsumo plus service?

Appsumo plus loves to make purchasing procedures easier for customers. This is why Appsumo allows payment methods for selling its products and services below.

  • Debit and credit cards like Visa cards, master cards, discover and American Express
  • The online banking card, merchant gift cards and reloadable cards are not allowed to Appsumo authority
  • Appsumo credit cards and PayPal, Google pay and Apple pay are allowed
  • taco bribes or IOUs methods are not acceptable in the Appsumo platform
  • there has no additional charge on the sale of Appsumo plus products

Final words:

We hope you have gained knowledge about Appsumo plus the yearly plan. You can purchase a plan for only $99, making your digital marketing incredibly easier. Most importantly, you can get a lot of additional tools and services to grow your online business from an Appsumo plus yearly plan. Appsumo plus offers 10% discounts on every purchase.

Besides, it never renews your next year’s plan without notifying you. Even you will get 72 hours of extended access at the end of the year. And luckily, you can attend some free promotional events that help to make relationship with consumers. If you want to know the upcoming Appsumo deals then stay tuned. 



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