15 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Beginners: [Be A Pro Today]

15 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Beginners: [Be A Pro Today]

Best Digital Marketing Tools For Beginners: In the digital era, digital marketing has become essential to connect to people and grow a business. But with the emergence of digital marketing, the competition in the online platforms has increased over time. Now the only way to find your way through it is to use effective best digital marketing tools to grow your online profile, build strategies, and reach out to people. 

There are several digital marketing tools that can help beginners to grow. In this article, I have come up with 15 easy-to-go-with digital marketing tools that you will surely need. If you combinedly use these tools, you are definitely going to rock on! 

Without further discussion, let’s learn about these tools!

Best Digital Marketing Tools For Beginners.



The primary thing you need is a domain and Namecheap provides a good deal in that. In operation since 2000, Namecheap’s basic plan starts from $2.88 which is a very affordable rate for beginners. With its 30-day money-back policy, you can try out the services for free for a month. Note that it provides excellent uptime, multiple options to create a domain, and different hosting tools. 

Domain from Namecheap loads very fast making it user-friendly. Besides getting a domain, you can also avail hosting, WordPress, email, and other app facilities from Namecheap.  But note that you will get the basic facilities only. However, for a beginner, this is a fair deal to start with.



Hostinger is one of the top-notch websites for web hosting. Starting from email hosting, domain hosting, to cloud hosting and VPS hosting, all hosting services are offered at an affordable price. It includes SSL and cloud flare for free. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily access the services or buy a package you need. 

With its 24/7 customer support, you can solve any issues with the experts. For web owners, it is a beneficial app due to its excellent uptime and fast loading feature. Providing versatile templates, you can build a website that attracts and engages visitors.

Exon Host:

Exon host

Another well-known web domain and hosting company is Exon host which has been in the market since 2009. With its starting price of $1.44, Exon host becomes an affordable option for new digital marketers. Shifting from another host to Exon host has been made easier with its 24×7 customer care service. While most people have praised its 99.99% server uptime, some have complained about poor uptime too. 

Besides domain and hosting, Exon host also offers services like email, app, server (virtual and dedicated), as well as provide SSL certification. The perk of this site is the low cost, great uptime, easy browsing facility, and high-quality SSD server. However, quite a few people have complained about its customer service. 



Wpx is famous for its super-fast customer service and speeding up the performance of a website. The hosting domain price starts from $13.99 per year. It is an extremely budget-friendly option for beginners. Loading heavy sites, doing stress tests, WordPress management, and high website performance are some excellent facilities by Wpx. 

Wpx is known best for its super speedy service. You will get a hosting service that runs smoothly and swiftly. As a beginner, a high-speed website creates a good impression. Besides, you get an unlimited SSL certificate with 99.95% uptime and high-speed CDN. For premium services, you would need to invest more than $20 per year. 

Generate Press:

Generate press

Specializing in WordPress websites, Generate press offers you a variety of website themes and different website templates. Web designing elements, flexible and easy control of the website, hook system for unique designs, header for mobile sites, easy navigation, and smooth scroll are some basic and necessary features offered by Generate Press. 

For those finding a designing site for WordPress, you can try Generate Press. You can get free services from it and pay minimum prices for premium services. Both ready templates and customization options are available to design your WordPress blog site. It is preferred as it is super simple to use and deploy on your website. 



Astra is a similar website to Generate Press. Most people like Astra better than Generate Press for its super smooth interface that is easy to use and work with. Though Astra packages are costlier than Generate Press, its tamplates are exclusive and interactive. In fact, it has become very popular in recent times. 

User-friendly Astra has options like readymade templates, customization of themes without coding, super-fast performance, easy navigation, layout, and header customization, and blog designing. So with Astra, you can build an impressive WordPress blog site of your own. However, it can be expensive for beginners with zero experience. 

Studio Press:

Studio Press

Another popular and user-friendly WordPress site-building service is provided by Studio Press. Along with the themes and templates, WordPress hosting and controlling the speed and security of the website can be done with the help of Studio Press. It also has some excellent site-building tools to make it unique from other websites. 

According to the genre, Studio Press has different designs to offer. Different layouts, themes, and multiple customization categories are offered here. You can choose one according to your needs. However, the paid packages are expensive. You have to invest $35 per month to get these facilities on building a high-profile site with Studio Press. 

Elementor Pro:


If you want a complete package to launch your website, Elementor pro is going to help you. Starting from drag and drop live editor to building themes, all are available in Elementor pro. You can design your WordPress as well as create an eCommerce website with this site. 360-degree web designing works can be done with this single site. 

Though the packages are moderately priced, with its 30-days money-back policy, you can at least test its services. The packages start from $49 per year and spike to $999 for premium service. So I can’t really say it is the best for newcomers. But dedicated digital marketers can surely try this out for a concrete and strong website launch. 



After you build your website, search engine optimization is your next task to rank well in SERP and invite more people to your site. And to help you in that, Ahrefs is there. It teaches you ways to optimize your site. Not only can you explore keywords but also search for the popular content that ranks high in Google. In fact, it offers SEO learning lessons. 

The trial package costs $7 for 7 days and the yearly package starts from $99 and spikes to $999 for pro-level SEO. You can get all details on its website where it shows the site audit, rank tracking, a site exploring, content exploring, keyword exploring, and alerts you will receive for each package. Quite a useful SEO tool to monitor and improve your performance. 



One of the best-known and free keyword searching sites is Semrush. You can invite organic traffic by using the services from Semrush. The basic task you do here is keyword research. Then comes other SEO services like on-page SEO, competitor, and market analysis, content marketing, local SEO, rank tracking, social media management, link building, content distribution, content optimization, and many more. 

In each section, you get different tools to customize the service. In fact, website monetization tips are available in Semrush. So for fast and effective growth, it is truly a gem for beginners. But to avail of the pro service, you would need to invest $119 per month which is quite a lot.  



No matter which online platform you work in, an affiliation with an online transaction app is mandatory. To do online transactions, Payoneer is a trusted and reliable site. For international transactions, you can use this site. Starting from getting money from your customers to investing in digital marketing tools, all transactions can go smoothly with Payoneer. 

Payoneer provides the facility to transfer the money to a bank and withdraw. Transactions are common currencies that are possible with this site. The transactions are secured and super fast. Another benefit is that the wire transfer fees are very minimal. Thus for transaction convenience, you can try this app. 

A weber:


People who are concentrated on email marketing should try A weber. It invites and engages more and more audiences to your service via email. Its services include building the lang page, automating the email, monitoring eCommerce pages, and many more. The initial package starts at $16.15 per month. 

A weber provides you guidance and plans for your email marketing business. You can contact an expert via the site and consult to set up an email marketing campaign. With its excellent customer support, A weber has made a strong place in the world of email marketing. 



Appsumo intends to provide 360-degree support to its clients. Entrepreneurs looking for a channel to start their business can start with Appsumo. Appsumo has different sections like Chartmat, Emailwritr, WPfunnels, etc. Each has different functions. Like Emailwritr is for boosting email engagements and sales. Another option like Breakout helps to design your business workflow. 

A variety of services related to online business growth can be availed via Appsumo. Starting from streaming business to social media marketing, all tasks can be handled by it. You just need to choose the package you need. No coding is needed, it offers customized services to build almost any kind of business. 



If you need an affiliate tool, AAWP is a good and reliable choice by Amazon. It helps you make money by affiliating with other sites. But as the task is not as easy as it sounds, AAWP is there to help you out. Starting from geotargeting, text links, to comparison tables, AAWP offers a package to monetize your site in the best way possible. 

The packages start from $49 per year with a 30-days money-back guarantee. Extremely user-friendly, AAWP gives you a chance to promote products and earn commissions. And to do that, all help is done by AAWP itself. So beginners wanting to earn some extra bucks can seriously try this out.

Wp Rocket:

Wp Rocket

To enhance and upgrade your website performance, you can use wp rocket. It is known for its excellent support and ease of use. Bloggers, freelancers, and eCommerce owners would love its services. Without any coding, you can monitor the speed of your website and improve its overall performance. 

The website speed is increased to upgrade SERP rank. The SEO and conversion rate of your site is uplifted with the speedy service by wp rocket. Wp rocket charges $49 for 1 website for a year. For monitoring the speed of unlimited websites, it would charge $249 per year. 

Seo press:

SEO press

For WordPress plugins, SEO press is an easy-to-go-with and reliable tool. In fact, it has more services and you should choose the one you need. It offers specialized SEO services for developers, bloggers, small businesses, etc. The biggest part is SEO press is free for basic services and the paid packages are affordable. Thus to rank your website, you may try it out. 

The benefit of SEO press is that it understands customers’ needs. And according to your demand and business type, SEO press will present you with a solution. With paid packages, it shows website insights, increases ranking, provides audit and configuration, and some additional facilities. 


You have a bunch of digital marketing tools in your hand that are user-friendly and easy to use at the beginner level. In the aforementioned list, some tools are for web building and designing while others are for optimizing and monitoring the sites. Now as per your business type and demand, you can choose a few tools and use them together to get the best output. 

I would suggest you experiment with the tools first, try the trials, and then decide which one works the best for you. Remember that choosing the right digital marketing tool can make you do great in this field! 



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