Long Tail Pro Review | The Best keyword Research tool

Long Tail Pro Review | The Best keyword Research tool

Maybe you are looking for an automated system to generate hundreds of targeted keywords with low search volume but higher conversion value. Long Tail Pro premium software would be the ideal choice for you. 

Long tail pro can generate perfect keywords for micro-niche, blogs and affiliates, and AdSense. Not only generating keywords but also LongTailPro can analyze your competitors and backlinks. As a result, you can generate a lot of traffic and revenue from your digital business.

I have been using a long tail pro for the last few years and enjoy its amazing features. Today I am sharing a long tail pro review. So, why so late to know the advantages of the long tail pro keyword planner? Let’s know.

What is longtail pro?

A long tail pro is a software that works to find out effective keywords, analyze backlinks and competitors, and technical issues automatically. It makes the tasks of a blogger, affiliate associate, and digital marketer. Key functions of Long Tail Pro are keyword research, competitor research, backlink research and technical error finding. Although longtail pro software works based on the algorithmic system, it is proven for maximum efficient. 

Long tail pro premium keyword research tool review

Long tail pro is the name of the trust to millions of digital marketers. It outperforms many keyword research tools because of its accuracy of results in a keyword, competitors and technical issue research. The basic plan of this great tool is available for only $147/per year. So, we are fascinated to use this keyword research tool. Let’s know the features we enjoy from the premium long tail pro tool. 

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Analyze backlink opportunities:

LongTailPro can track your website backlink like magic. You have to paste the URL on the specific box of the LongTailPro page, and the tool will automatically find the backlink. This tool performs backlink analysis to find out which inbound links you are doing well and what new ones you can backlink to.

Analyze actionable SEO data:

You can fix broken links on your website by using LongTailPro software. Broken links have a huge bad impact on a website. So, you can overcome those impacts after fixing broken links. As a result, the search engine can know which pages are authoritative and pass the juice from one another. 

Not only that, LongTailPro analyze a lot of actionable SEO data. For example, it can help in Trust flow, anchor text distribution and citation flow. 

Effective keyword research:

LongTailPro allows digital marketers to research keywords in three true methods. It does competitor analysis, keyword grouping and finding keyword metrics. You have to write a single main keyword to generate up to 400 longtail keywords within less than one minute. 

Besides, this tool dissects your competitors’ keywords and suggests your new effective keywords with CPC, search volume and competition. So, you can rely on it to get thousands of profitable keywords. 

Keywords monitoring:

Keyword monitoring is an important part of SEO. Otherwise, you can’t know the true condition of your content and website. So, longtail pro can monitor your keywords regularly. You will notify or update the keywords you are performing each week, good or bad. The rank position, search volume, and CPC fluctuate depending on the user’s intention. By using the LongTailPro tool, you can get up to date. 

Technical problem solving:

LongTailPro allows you to solve the basic technical problems of your website. For example, you can audit your site and fix the issues. Besides, you can inform about the total crawlability, loading speed and core vital issues like JS/CSS by using the LongTailPro tool. In a word, LongTailPro is helpful for the overall health of your website. 

Longtail pro pricing for annual basic, pro and agency

Plan NameAnnual BasicAnnual ProAnnual agency
Keyword Research 800 per 24 hours2500 per 24 hours6000 per 24 hours
KC Calculation and SERP lookups800 per 24 hours2500 per 24 hours6000 per 24 hours
Custom Difficulty and keyword profitabilityYesYesYes
CPC and Advertiser CompetitionYesYesYes
keyword grouping and filteringYesYesYes
Export ResultsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tracked Keywords302001000
Rank UpdatesDailyDailyDaily
Tracked DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Rank tracker email notificationsYesYesYes
Number of site Audit2510
Pages crawled25010002000
Crawls per day and projects21030
Simultaneous Account logins135
Email and chat supportYesYesYes
SEO Specialist callNo1 per month2 per month
SEO Templates & WorksheetsYesYesYes

pricing list for Longtailpro Appsumo lifetime deal

How about getting a lifetime deal on great tools like Longtailpro for a one-time fee? Its pretty good. Here is the pricing for LongTailPro lifetime deal. You can save a lot of money when taking Appsumo lifetime deal service for longtailpro. 

Plan NameLicense Tier 1License Tier 2License Tier 3
One time purchase$69$129$199
FeaturesAll regular featuresAll regular featuresAll regular features
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Would you like to buy LongTailPro from LongTailPro website or Appsumo? If you purchase from LongTailPro website, you can get anytime through the year. On the other hand, purchasing longtailpro from Appsumo can save your money a lot. Appsumo is selling longtailpro with large discounts for lifetime deal. Moreover, you can get 10% discounts as a first purchaser. The downside is, longtailpro is not found in Appsumo through the year. 

What are the advantages of the LongTailPro tool?

  • It offers lifetime access to basic, platinum and premium plans. So, you don’t require to know the code and stacking.
  • About 10% discounts you will get when purchasing from Appsumo since Appsumo provides 10% discounts on each sale.
  • You are getting a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means Appsumo offers you to try this product for two months if it is right for you or not. If you don’t like it after 60 days, you can cancel the purchase without getting a permanent license.
  • LongTailPro offers you to create multiple projects together. So, you start several campaigns for different sites.

How does the LongTailPro keyword planner work?

LongTailPro is a blessing for Marketing Professionals, Affiliate Marketers, SEO Consultants and agencies. This tool has a lot of convenient features. But how does it work? Let’s know the basic procedures. 


First, LongTailPro analyzes and finds low, competitive longtail keywords. Although the search volume is low, these keywords are very targeted and profitable. 


After then, LongTailPro finds out the best keywords from the competitor’s website. Also, it finds out keywords from the Google organic search result. 


It then determines which keyboards are profitable based on their rank value. So, make sure you get profitable keywords from the LongTailPro tool.


Is it enough to get some effective longtail keywords for your website? No, you need to implement those keywords and track them regularly. LongTailPro does this tracking for your website. As a result, you will see which keywords are ranking better and which are going down. 


LongTailPro can audit your website for technical issues and broken links that need to fix. You can take help of LongTailPro tool to fix those issues and also track your implemented keywords. 


What is longtail software?

Automation software can generate thousands of effective and profitable long tail keywords for digital business—also, this tool figures out broken links, competitors’ keywords and technical issues. 

Is LongTailPro free?

LongTailPro is not a free tool but is available at a great discount. You can purchase a monthly plan for only $47 after discounts. On the contrary, you can get a monthly plan for $147 without discounts. Besides, you can get large discounts on basic, pro and agency annual plans. 

How much does Long Tail Pro cost?

LongTailPro basic annual plan price is $147/year. Also, note that the Annual pro LongTailPro plan price is $268/year, and the agency annual plan price is $588/year. If you purchase from the Appsumo platform, you will get more than 10% discounts. 

Final Words:

Here we are ending our reviews on long tail keyword generator tools. It is an amazing software that can find keywords and detect website technical issues like broken links, JS/CSS and core vital issues.

The LongTailPro tool is an original product of the LongTailPro platform. However, it is also available on the Appsumo platform. Even you can get added 10% discount when purchasing from Appsumo. 



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