Privacy Policy for

Our website is always careful about maintaining the confidentiality of any data you provide us. We are not into selling your information to any other party and strictly maintain secrecy. Your information is safe with us. 

Which Information Do We Store? And Why? 


As you comment on our site, we only collect the data that is visible to you and other visitors. We do check whether your browser is secured or not for our safety. We use the Gravatar service to do this checking. 

Please know that you don’t extract any other information from the comment and also avoid using them for promotional or sales advantages. 


We generally don’t allow any guest to add any media to our website. But if we do allow you, please remove your location from the media for your safety. As otherwise, it may lead to data infringement by any other visitors to our website. 

Contact Application: 

We only get your detailed data if you fill out our contact application form. Another way of getting your information is if you email us your information. We keep the data only to know and solve your purpose of emailing or connecting to us. Once solved, we delete the data. So there remains no chance of trading or misusing your data. 

Log Files: 

We often work with log file data to analyze the security of your browser, ISP, or IP address and the time you spend on our site, and the content you have read or watched. 


We do affiliate marketing with some companies like Amazon and Google and many more. They may have only some basic data just for further advertising. 


Our site has some cookies embedded by companies that support us. These cookies are safe and just gather basic information. It also does geo-targeting. Note that you can control some of these cookies and disable them. However, disabling some cookies may limit your usability. 

Please note that no information obtained from cookies is kept permanently. All are discarded after a certain period. 


Just to track and analyze the website performance, we collect your browsing pattern and other data for statistical purposes. Data we collect for analytics via software like Google Analytics are not for any marketing motive and only for monitoring our performance. So there remains no chance of privacy invasion. 

Your Rights And Our Policy For Your Data: 

As you use our website, you may ask for data showing what information about you is with us. You can also ask us to delete all your information and we will do that. But some basic information may still be stored. 

Similarly, we are bound to keep the metadata of your comment to use forever for our safety and easy follow-ups. Note that you can even edit the information you provide us except the username. We have editing access too. 


If you find any issues or concerns about your privacy, feel free to contact us at You can also ask about our privacy policy in detail. 

We Are Here To Maintain Privacy: 

We use some external websites like PayPal and Stripe for the transactions so that you don’t keep any financial data. While using these websites, we follow the privacy policy of these websites.