SendFox Lifetime deal [Affordable Email Marketing Solution]

SendFox Lifetime deal [Affordable Email Marketing Solution]

Are you an active digital marketer looking for the best way to improve your online business? There are many free and paid digital marketing tools, and sandFox is one of the great email marketing tools. It is a core part of digital marketing. So, what are the alternatives to email marketing?

SendFox is an incredibly popular marketing tool for digital marketers. Its amazing features help to reach the maximum potential customers and reach an online business at the top-notches.

This guide will review SendFox email marketing tools’ lifetime deal with pricing. Also, you will know the features of the SendFox tool and the comparison between SandFox vs Mailchimp. So, let’s start.

What is SendFox?

SendFox, an email marketing tool, is required for website owners, affiliate marketers, YouTubers and Bloggers. SendFox is an AI-based automation tool that sends mail to potential customers to influence them to buy a product or service. It can automatically send a customized email to an online business’s subscribers, followers, and fans.

Remember that SendFox helps reach new targeted audiences and stay in touch with existing customers. An email marketing campaign with SendFox promotes your articles, videos, podcasts and written content to the audience and makes them interested in buying.

SendFox reviews

SendFox is one of the great tools from Appsumo digital products. Noah Kagan creates it, but now it has become popular with millions of people. We are reviewing the lifetime deal of Appsumo for the SendFox tool. Since SendFox is a platform promoted by Appsumo, it is light and supple. Let’s know the attractive main features of SendFox tools.

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Unlimited branded emails:

Whether you are reaching out to customers from the blog, YouTube or podcasts, your brand is most valuable to promote with email marketing. You can send unlimited customized emails to your existing customers by using the SendFox platform. SendFox platform offer to create unlimited brandable emails that will work as your brand extension.

Simple email editing:

Even though your email is already customized by yourself, it might require editing your mail often. SendFox allows for editing your email with some simple procedures. SendFox has a built-in WSYWIG that helps you edit the font, colors and formatting. Also, note that customized emails are mobile-responsive. So, it will help to stay connected with your existing customers.

List building:

SendFox can help you build an existing contact list if you have subscribers. In this case, your existing list building would be easier.


You can keep automated your send email with the SendFox platform. It can control the welcome email of your subscriber. Besides, SendFox operates email marketing on user behavior. For example, you can observe what mail is clicked by the user and what is opened by the user. It will have a great positive impact on your email marketing.

User interface and Contacts:

You can rely on the SendFox platform to get a clear and simple user interface. Besides, you can easily access Emails, Automations, Contacts and performance. SendFox also provides you with the list and tagging function to keep your customer contact separated. Moreover, this platform has a CRM function that will allow you to write specific notes on an individual user.

Landing pages and forms:

SendFox platform has convenient landing pages with built-in forms. As a result, you can grab new customers and pull them directly into the SendFox platform. Many interested buyers will turn into potential customers from there. You can easily move your customer from the SendFox landing page to the sales funnel. Also, this platform allows ratings or reviews from the landing page.

RSS Feed:

RSS is a function that sends an automatic notification to your customers when new content is published on your website or channel. Having RSS feed features is important for content creators. It is best for those who make video series because they need to send notifications to subscribers. Besides, you can operate a draft email campaign by connecting your RSS with SendFox RSS features.

Performance tracking:

A great addition to the SendFox platform is the performance tracking tools. So, you can track email opens and clicks. At the same time, SendFox will help you to track Subscription status, Subscription source, IP address and Email activity. Most importantly, SendFox works based on real-time data.

Customer service:

SendFox provides customer service in several ways. Although there is no live chat option in SendFox, you can mail it to the “help scout” page. SendFox will support you with the answer to your question and problems.

Validating your domain:

Domain validating means to improve the deliverability of your send email with SendFox. It will help reduce the mail sent to the Gmail and outlook spam folders. You need to follow some simple steps.

Appsumo lifetime deal pricing for SendFox

SendFox is available in Appsumo at some specific year or on different occasions. If you want to get a SendFox lifetime deal from Appsumo, then let’s know the pricing with the feature. And you can get up to a 10% discount on this lifetime deal of Appsumo if you are a first-time buyer of Appsumo.


To get a 10% extra discount SendFox Lifetime Deal From Appsumo, Follow the guidelines below :

  1. Go to AppSumo website.
  2. Then, click on the SenFox offer.
  3. Get a discount pop-up bar.
  4. Enter your email.
  5. Check your email, and get 10% off

Note: This offer is valid for only first order.

Terms and Features:

  • Appsumo will care for and solve all problems of SendFox
  • No hassle to know about stacking and coding
  • You must have to activate your license within 60 days
  • It could be an upgrade or downgrade
  • Brand removal with Empire Add-On
  • Lifetime SendFox access
  • All updated features of future Sendfox
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


Plan NameThe SINGLE plan (one code)The DOUBLE plan (two codes)The MULTIPLE plan
Price$49$98$148 for three codes (up to $490 for 10 codes)
Subscribers5,000 subscribers10,000 subscribers15,000 subscribers.

Regular pricing for the SendFox platform

Did you miss the SendFox lifetime deal from Appsumo? then, it would help if you take this service from the SendFox website with regular price. 


  • Unlimited email sending
  • Scheduling emails for a campaign
  • Customized landing page and forms
  • Unlimited triggered automation
  • Contact separation with list and tagging
  • Powerful analytics to track opens and clicks
  • Specific notes for each subscriber
  •, KingSumo, Zapier and API integration
  • RSS feed auto-pull and translation
  • WYSIWYG email editor
  • Unlimited brand management


Plan NameThe SINGLE plan (one codeThe DOUBLE plan9Two codes)The MULTIPLE plan (three codes)

SendFox vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing platform with incredibly amazing features. It has become popular with millions of digital business person over the world. On the contrary, SendFox is a newer one. Let’s compare these two email marketing tools.

Overall functionality:

Mailchimp is better than SendFox. But the expense of Mailchimp is more than SendFox. Email campaign creation and list building are roughly similar on both platforms. But there is some sophistication in Mailchimp. Do note that you will get more automation features in Mailchimp.

  • The list of subscribers of your channel
  • The followers of new content
  • Notification to celebrate a birthday
  • Ecommerce stores for best customers
  • Store owners with thank you note

Nowadays, Mailchimp is more improved and more popular. SendFox may improve like Mailchimp in future. But in recent times, Mailchimp has been more forward than SendFox. So, you can go with Mailchimp as a SendFox alternative. 


When you compare SendFox and Mailchimp prices, SendFox will be the owner. SendFox is notably more affordable than other email marketing tools. You need to start your basic plan at $14.99 to start automatic email series and eCommerce automation. On the other hand, the SendFox lifetime deal is available for $49. Then you can send unlimited emails to 5000 customers all around the year. Also, note that the SendFox premium lifetime deal is only $98. So, sendfox is much cheaper than Mailchimp.

Conversion options:

SendFox has landing pages and embeddable forms that turn customer interest into paying customers. On the contrary, Mailchimp has both embeddable forms and landing page and a popup option. That popup option helps a customer to sign up. Remember that popup and list building is not a part of SendFox but of Appsumo. Appsumo has integrated list-building and email popups with the SendFox platform.

Dashboard, visuals and reporting:

Mailchimp is designed with more “whistles and bells” that you won’t get in another email marketing platform. However, SendFox keeps a clean and easy user interface for the customers. In Mailchimp, you will get a more beautiful landing page with advanced graphical images and elements.


What is SendFox used for?

SendFox is used for content creators to compose and send unlimited customized emails. Whether you are a video, podcast or blog content maker, SendFox will help to reach your targeted potential customers. SendFox works based on a combination of customization and automation. So, as a content creator, you can create and send beautiful, attractive emails to millions of customers.

Is SendFox any good?

Yes, SendFox has a lot of good features because of that, you can purchase this service. SendFox can run your email marketing without hassle. You can send unlimited emails to your existing and new customers. It is a great combination of simplicity and affordability.

How is sending Fox an email?

SendFox sends emails with an automated system. As a result, you can always stay connected with the customers. The automation system of SendFox email will help you in onboarding, welcome flow and drip campaigns.

Final Words:

We hope you already got all the information about the Sendfox email marketing platform. SendFox is an average good quality, popular email marketing platform that is getting popular daily. 

Although there are more advanced email marketing tools in the market, Mailchimp is much more affordable than other platforms. You can purchase sendfox from AppSumo lifetime deal with huge discounts. Besides, you can purchase from the SendFox website at a regular price.



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