TrueRanker Lifetime Deal Review: Best Google SEO Rank Tracker Tools in 2022

TrueRanker Lifetime Deal Review: Best Google SEO Rank Tracker Tools in 2022

True Ranker: Digital marketing without the appropriate usage of keywords makes no sense. Finding and applying relevant keywords with the topic is the basic step to rank high in SERP, improve online visibility and reach out to the maximum audience. But when it comes to finding the most suitable keywords, you may feel a bit clueless and puzzled. 

To help you find the best keywords and get assistance in SEO, TrueRanker is here. It is a very useful tool for digital marketers offering several features. But before buying any package, you should know well about the applications, their features, pros, and cons. To know in detail, keep reading the article. 

What Is TrueRanker? 


TrueRanker is a keyword research and tracking tool that helps you in finding relevant keywords for your site. For incredible growth in SERP rank and online visibility, TrueRanker is used popularly. It also helps you with providing updates regarding SEO ranking and more. 

Considering the benefits of TrueRanker, you can surely buy it for getting excellent SEO advantages. Especially when it is available at an incredibly discounted price in Appsumo, you shouldn’t be late to grab the best deal ever!

Terms Of TrueRanker Lifetime Deal With Appsumo:

Appsumo offers a lifetime deal if you buy TrueRanker now via Appsumo. But what is this lifetime deal? A lifetime deal is one of the best deals you can ever get! Because you can get access to TrueRanker by purchasing it at an unbelievably discounted price and using the app till its lifetime! To know more detail about the deal, I have mentioned the lifetime deal terms below: 

  • Lifetime access to the features of TrueRanker;
  • Updated features and plans available;
  • You can choose the plan that suits you;
  • Activate the license by 60 days of purchasing;
  • You can upgrade your plan;
  • Available for new TrueRanker users;
  • Get money-back within 60 days of purchase for any reason;

These are the inclusions and terms that you get by buying the TrueRanker via Appsumo. If you are truly interested in buying TrueRanker, this is the right time to grab the most profitable deal. 

10% Discount Available: 


Want more discounts on buying TrueRanker? You can get an additional 10% discount if you follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Click the link to get the TrueRanker life deal ;
  2. Now, you should enter to Appsumo and you may need to wait for a while;
  3. You can then see a pop-up; enter your email address here; 
  4. Check your email inbox and visit the link provided for verification;
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Features By TrueRanker: 

To decide whether to buy TrueRanker or not, you need to learn about its features. The features would tell you the benefits you are about to get. So first, I am noting down the features offered by TrueRanker:

  • TrueRanker provides you with daily reports on how the keywords you have used have affected the ranking of your website or page. This includes every detail including the device where your page is being searched, the results on the basis of the keyword, etc;
  • It shows you the position you get based on each keyword you deploy. You can also check the position and SERP history to see the progress and monitor whether the keywords are effective or not;
  • TrueRanker shows you the level of competition, CPC, the latest trend of keyword usage, search volume, etc;
  • It compares your website with your competitors and shows you the differences to help you improve your performance;
  • TrueRanker gives you a list of effective and relevant keywords that best match the niche. This improves the quality and visibility of your site;
  • TrueRanker offers both global and local keyword tracking so that you can work accordingly;
  • You can check the effectiveness of the keyword in each section or a single cluster like tag, URL, metadata, title, location, etc;
  • With its SEO cannibalization detector, you can see the URLs that are working on the same keyword and might be causing an issue for you to rank well;
  • You can integrate your TrueRanker account to Google search console data to know and learn more about keyword usage;
  • TrueRanker provides you with keyword suggestions that suit the best with your web niche;
  • TrueRanker is applicable and useful for versatile projects and you can monitor the activities according to the project. Starting from URL to Chrome extensions, you can select a project and work accordingly;
  • It offers a Sisitrix visibility index for easy tracking and monitoring;
  • TrueRanker is a versatile app that can be used in mobile phones, PCs, as well as via WordPress;

These are the main features of TrueRanker that you can enjoy. 

Advantages Of TrueRanker:


After discussing the features, you must be interested in knowing the benefits you are going to get from using TrueRanker. Mentioning the benefits can brief you about the app more precisely. 

Below are the advantages of TrueRanker:

  • It offers a 14-days free trial so that you can explore the features and decide whether you need the app or not; 
  • Both global and local level keyword tracking is available. Use it as per your necessity and convenience;
  • It helps you to improve your SEO performance by showing you the lackings and drawbacks;
  • By sending daily keyword reports, TrueRanker shows you how the deployed keywords are performing so that you can track your position; 
  • It shows how your competitors are performing and how they can affect your site so that you can take necessary steps;
  • It tracks the best and relevant keywords as well as provides keywords suggestions that match the best with your site niche; 
  • Integration with Google analytics and search console makes the app more versatile and useful; 
  • It provides keyword data for particular sections like URL, metadata, etc. to show how the keyword is performing for each sector; 
  • You can use it for WordPress plugins and with any device you prefer; 
  • TrueRanker packages are not so costly and best for beginners; 

These are the main benefits of using TrueRanker. 

Disadvantages Of TrueRanker: 

There are only a few demerits of using TrueRanker. Though it is very useful, you should also know about the drawbacks. 

Below are some drawbacks of using TrueRanker: 

  • Using each feature can be overwhelming for a beginner; 
  • It can be time-consuming to get a good result; 
  • The app is not as fast as you may have expected. It takes time to explore the options or get the best keyword suggestions; 

Once you get used to it, you can actually get used to these issues. But initially, it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you can use TrueRanker properly and apply its features purposefully, you can expect a great outcome. I would suggest you try it out by taking the 14-days free trial and then decide whether to buy it or not. Also, try to grab the lifetime deal as it is the most profitable package. 

Explore TrueRanker and then decide!



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