WP SmartPay Review: For Easy Payments

WP SmartPay Review: For Easy Payments

Wp SmartPay : When it comes to online payment, people often feel indecisive to choose a particular gateway. Like you, I have also thought of finding a reliable channel to make payments for digital platforms, creating software, or running an application like WordPress. Thankfully, there are apps that support paddle payment plugins for software like WordPress. And WP SmartPay is one of the most trusted ones. 

But before you decide on using WP SmartPay for your WordPress plugin payment or other personal transactions, you must learn more about it. And to inform you more about this excellent application, I am here with my experience of WP SmartPay. In this article, I will discuss its features, pros, and cons to help you decide whether to use it or not. 

What Is WP SmartPay? 

The WordPress plugin WP SmartPay is one of the most popular payment gateways for payments, subscriptions, etc. With WP SmartPay, entrepreneurs can focus on their business and not worry about payments. Its usability and speed make it suitable for easy and fast online payment. 

For wordpress plugin payment and selling products online easily, WP smartpay is a top-notch app that is reliable, fast, and cost-efficient. My suggestion is to buy it as soon as possible from appsumo where you can get the lifetime deal at an incredibly discounted price!

Terms Of WP SmartPay Lifetime Deal With Appsumo:

Getting a lifetime deal means having access to all the features of the app for the lifetime of WP SmartPay at a reduced cost. Appsumo deal terms for WP SmartPay are mentioned below: 

  • Lifetime access;
  • Access to updates of the app;
  • Choose any plan you want;
  • Activate the license before 60 days of buying;
  • Can change the plan between the licenses;
  • Can report on GDPR;
  • Guarantee of money-back within 60 days of payment for any reason;

Such lucrative opportunities are worth buying. Any dedicated online business owners would benefit greatly from this deal.

Get Extra 10% Discount: 

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Features Of WP SmartPay: 

Before discussing the pros and cons or commenting on the application, you must know about the features it has. The features would give you an idea of what to expect from WP SmartPay. So let me tell you what WP SmartPay has to offer for you: 

  • Create as many products as you want for your WordPress account. You can make diverse products and content using this payment gateway;
  • You can trade your products and items digitally using this application at a reduced rate;
  • It facilitates uploading a file by drag and drop method;
  • Customer management and completion of an online purchase order can be done in seconds with this application;
  • You can customize the payment pages for successful and failed transactions;
  • Payment forms for documented and safe transactions can be done via this application. You can either use a predefined form or customize it as per your need;
  • It allows you to make transactions via other payment channels like PayPal, Stripe, FastSpring, 2Checkout, etc. Thus your clients can make transactions using a preferred channel and transfer them to WP SmartPay;
  • Switching between life to test mode is easy in WP SmartPay;
  • Your clients can put the amount they want to pay. It means, the amount to be paid can be customized;
  • Checkout for payment is done directly on-site without any involvement of any other getaway. Thus direct transaction is done and confidentiality is maintained;
  • The application is compatible with the guidelines of GDPR. Make the app compatible by setting it correctly;
  • Subscribing and regular product trading are done via WP SmartPay;
  • It creates plans for subscription installations and also reminds the regular clients about the subscription payment;

These are the basic features that WP SmartPay has to offer to its clients. But to finalize, you must clearly understand what benefits it would offer and the problems you might face. 

Pros Of WP SmartPay: 

As per my analysis, using WP SmartPay is beneficial. Online payments, selling, and the WordPress plugin become easier, safer, and faster via this tool. So yes, it has considerable benefits. So here, I am pointing out the pros of using WP SmartPay: 

  1. Minimal Processing Charge: 

Any payment gateway charges fees for transactions. But WP SmartPay charges only a minimum charge for transactions. For each transaction via the app directly, it would charge 5.5% + $0.5. If you use other channels like PayPal, it would cost around 8.9% + $0.3 or $0.45. 

  1. Easy Third-Party Affiliation: 

If you are into third-party affiliate marketing or networking, WP SmartPay is a safe tool to go with. Not all payment tools allow third-party affiliation. But that hazard is eliminated in WP SmartPay. 

  1. Ease Of Use: 

Opening and setting up an account with WP SmartPay is super simple and easy. You can start working on it within 5 to 10 minutes of setting and logging in. Payments and transactions can be made within a few minutes after you open your profile on the tool. Fast and easy!

  1. Integrations With Other Gateways: 

Integrations with other popular payment gateways increase the usability and accessibility of the app. More clients can get your products by using such apps. Paypal, Stripe, FastSpring, 2Checkout, etc. are some apps that can be used via WP SmartPay. This facilitates easy and fast transactions. 

  1. Easy Tax System: 

No matter where you stay, WP SmartPay takes the responsibility to calculate the tax and VAT you would need to pay. All those tasks are handled by the app itself according to your location. Collection and remittance tasks are also done by it. No complications!

  1. Supports Different Currencies And Cards: 

Regardless of the currency you use, WP SmartPay would support your transactions. Also, you can have any card to make payments via the tool. Mastercard, Visa card, American Express, etc. cards are accepted by WP SmartPay. No need to worry about your currency or payment method.

  1. Global And Multilingual:

WP SmartPay has a global reach at around 39 countries supporting 135 currencies. Besides that, it can be used in 26 different languages. So you see, for global businesses, you can easily use it. 

Cons Of WP SmartPay:

There are no such demerits of using WP SmartPay. It is quite a reasonable tool for secure and efficient payment for plugin WordPress. The only issue is that you would need to use it very carefully to get the most out of it. For instance, you may need to use the themes by WP SmartPay instead of WordPress themes to get the best result. 

Similarly, scaling the storage of WP SmartPay is a bit difficult. So you see, you need to operate it right to get the best benefits. Setup is the most crucial part to use WP SmartPay efficiently. 


WP SmartPay is truly a trusted and cost-efficient WordPress plugin payment gateway. For global selling, easy transactions, and safety, you can definitely give it a try on WP SmartPay.  



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